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Sewing Lover Set (48 Pcs.)(32 Pcs.)
Sewing Lover Set (48 Pcs.)(32 Pcs.)
Sewing Lover Set (48 Pcs.)(32 Pcs.)

Sewing Lover Set (48 Pcs.)(32 Pcs.)

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48pcs sewing machine presser feet set, quite useful.
Beautifully packaged and easy to store.
Very popular and different presser feet for most of household multi-functional sewing machines
Quantity: 1set(48pcs)
package box size(L W H): approx. 280 X 240 X 30mm/11.02 X 9.44 X 1.18inch
total 48pcs household sewing machine presser foot feet
1. Stitch guide foot1. Stitch Guide Foot
2. Universal Presser Foot
3. Open Toe Foot
4. Zipper Foot
5. Nail Button Pressing Foot
6. Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot
7. (A9) Applique foot
8. Round Bead Foot
9. Small Zipper
10. Sewing Pressrt Foot
11. Satin Stitch Foot
12. 6mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
13. Zig Zag Foot
14. Open Toe Embroidery Foot
15. Large Opening Presser Foot
16. Cording Foot
17. 1/4\'\'Quilting Foot
18. Braiding Foot
19. Rope Foot Pressing Foot
20. Standard Presser Foot
21. Straight Stitch Foot
22. 1/4\'\' Quilting Foot
23. Qvercast Foot
24. 5 Hole Cording Foot
25. 7 Hole Cording Foot
26. Edge Joining Foot
27. Double Welting Foot
28. Invisible Zipper Foot
29. Fringe Foot
30. Metal Invisible Zipper
31. Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
32. Shirring Foot
33. 3mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot
34. 6mm Wide Edge Presser Foot
35. 3mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot
36. Roller Foot
37. Sewing Beads Presser Foot
38. Positioning Presser Foot
39. No Gear Side Whipstitch
40. Buttonholing Presser Foot
41. Darning Low Shank
42. Blind Stitch Foot
43. Darning Foot
44. Zipper Foot Low Shank
45. Kint Foot
46. 7-Groove Pintuck Foot
47. 9-Groove Pintuck Foot
48. Stud Side Whipstitch

32 piece simple English presser foot set

1. Jacquard presser foot 

2, rolling strip presser foot 

3, sewing bead presser foot 

4, sewing bead string presser foot 

5, thin tank presser foot 9 slots 

6, thick tank presser foot 7 slots 

7, invisible zipper presser foot 

8, five rope presser foot 

9, 6mm crimping presser foot 

10, non stick (leather) presser foot 

11, transparent opening presser foot 

12, large opening presser foot 

13, three rope presser foot 

14, 1 / 4 inch quilted straight presser foot 

15, center straight presser foot 

16. 1 / 4-inch quilted belt block presser foot 

17, lock edge binding presser foot 

18, transparent sticking embroidered presser foot 

19, seven rope inlaid presser foot 

20, splicing presser foot 

21, presser foot 

22 with ruler, presser foot 

23, thin material wrinkling presser foot 

24, 3mm crimping presser foot 

25, 6mm crimping presser foot 

26, 3mm crimping presser foot 

27, leather roller presser foot 

28, embroidery sewing presser foot 

29, adjustable wide cloth band presser foot 

30. Free quilting & Embroidery presser foot 

31. Adjustable single side presser foot 

32. Thin material synchronous presser foot

32 piece hardcover English presser foot set

1. Bead presser foot 

2, jacquard presser foot 

3, inlaid five rope presser foot 

4, inlaid seven rope presser foot 

5, splicing presser foot 

6, 1 / 4 inch quilting presser foot 

7, center straight presser foot 

8, transparent sticking embroidered presser foot 

9, beaded presser foot 

10, non stick presser foot 

11, inlaid three rope presser foot 

12, 1 / 4 inch quilting presser foot (with baffle) 

13, fine Tucker presser foot 9 groove 

14, cloth edge sewing presser foot (lock edge) 

15, with ruler presser foot 

16. Thick tuck presser foot 5 groove 

17, close seam presser foot 

18, standard presser foot 

19, rolled edge strip presser foot 

20, invisible zipper presser foot 

21, leather roller presser foot 

22, dark stitch presser foot 

23, satin presser foot (A9) 

24, open presser foot 

25, thin material pleated presser foot 

26, narrow flat seam rolled edge presser foot 

27, wide flat seam rolled flower presser foot 

28, embroidery common presser foot 

29, adjustable wide package cloth presser foot 

30, embroidery presser foot 

31. Thin material synchronous presser foot 

32. Adjustable single side presser foot


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Sewing Lover Set (48 Pcs.)(32 Pcs.)
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